Steps to arrange your viewing of the film Mothers of the Revolution.

Mothers of the Revolution is available in Australia through several online platforms, including Google TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video. Overseas it is available through Amazon. If you already use one of these services this is the easiest way to rent or buy the film.

If you do not subscribe to one of those services, this film is available to both New Zealand and Australian viewers through the NZ Film Commission website to rent or buy. Instructions follow.

To access the film’s webpage, go to

At this point you will need to make a choice whether you wish to rent or buy. If you are renting, once registration and payment is complete the film will be available for multiple viewings for up to 7 days. You will need to register on the Film Commission’s website when you click the Buy or Rent buttons:

1. Enter your email address

2. Enter your name and create a password

3. And then enter your credit card details

And then proceed to access the film. You can watch on your computer. Depending on your television you may be able to watch through the TV. The NZ Film Commission also has apps for Android and Apple phones and tablets through which you can access the film.

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